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Allyson Benson



Allyson pursued her Bachelor of Nursing degree through the University of New England while concurrently working as an endorsed enrolled nurse for  four years, culminating in her graduation in 2020. Her professional journey commenced in theatre recovery, where she honed her skills for three years. However, her genuine passion for primary health led her to join the Glover Street Team. Allyson's dedication to patient well-being extends to her specific interests in diabetic and respiratory care, areas in which she continuously seeks to expand her expertise. Beyond her professional pursuits, she finds joy and fulfillment in spending quality time with her family and singing karaoke.

Tayla McKay



Tayla is a dedicated and compassionate nurse who graduated from Newcastle University with a Bachelor of Nursing in 2018. Joining Glover Street Surgery shortly after, her passion for primary health shines through in the care and support she provides to her patients. Tayla has a keen interest in childhood health and has completed additional training in women’s health., Beyond her profession, she cherishes time with her family, enjoys reading, and cooking. 

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